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Wals™ represents an acoustical product ecosystem that manages visual and auditory distractions in a multi-user workplace environment. The high-quality privacy and acoustic solution utilizes our patented Revolution® core technology that delivers a thin, sound-absorbent surface within precision upholstered partitions.

Designed By

UNION is an award-winning product design firm founded by Shaun Smith and Jeff Theesfeld. Post the success of their renowned furniture design and development firm, Shea+Latone, with UNION, they have taken their years of product design and development experience to create a design studio that focuses on creating simple, yet beautiful designs while striving for function at its best.

Mobile Partitions

Wals enables notably higher acoustic reduction and easy positioning for less distractive work areas. A hinged, foldable side panel on Wals helps define small team areas as it further reduces sound travel in open or shared spaces. The wooden wheels accentuate the design presence and enable Mobile Partitions to roll with ease on a variety of surfaces. The steel handle lends visual simplicity & gives users increased utility.

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